Japan, 1933: Rushing to supply humanitarian aid in the wake of a deadly tsunami, Capt. Gideon Argo and his intrepid crew, The Flying Zombies, discover lizard-like creatures preying upon the survivors. Joined by the infamous adventuress Lady Dominique Menou, the team journeys to the shores of lost R'lyeh, home of a sunken civilization that predates humanity and has just been raised from the bottom of the ocean.

Can the team drive back the armies of lizard-men and save the surface world from drowning under a planetary tidal wave — or is there something even more monstrous awaiting them behind the veil of darkness, deep inside the volcanic tunnels of timelost Lemuria?

Spinning out of events revealed in 2016's "Adventures in the Arcane" anthology from The Syndicate, this is the first official record of the paranormal exploits of Capt. Argo and his fearless crew.

Capt. Gideon Argo and The Flying Zombies vs. THE LOST LEMURIANS

Written by Tony Simmons
Cover Art by Jayson Kretzer & Andrew Pate

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