What is the Syndicate?

A shadowy publishing organization whose reach extends into the underbelly of media, including writers, artists and filmmakers.

The Inner Circle


Writer & Editor

Mark Boss writes because good stories change lives. He is the author of the science fiction trilogy, Superheroes Aliens Robots Zombies, Robot Revolution, and Alien Invasion; the contemporary fantasies Dead Girl and Dead Girl 2: Fader Boy; the thrillers Hired Guns, The Cultist, and One Bullet; and several short stories.

Mark is a member of the Cheshire Writing Group, the Syndicate, the Panama City Writers Association, and the Chapter One group. His cat is a ninja.

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Journalist & Writer

S. Brady Calhoun is an award-winning journalist, music critic and writer. He is an executive producer at News 13 in Panama City. His hobbies include complaining about television with his friends, cooking lasagna and hating Mondays. He swears he is not Garfield the cat in disguise but the two of them have never been photographed together. His wife Amber and his son Wesley back up his claim that he is not a cartoon cat but they have very obvious reasons to lie for him.

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Comic Artist & Writer

Jayson Kretzer is an award-winning illustrator, comic book creator, & founder of Panama City Creative Con, an event that celebrates and explores creativity. Jayson has done artwork for companies such as Upper Deck, Cryptozoic Entertainment, & the Topps Company on dozens of licenses including Marvel, Star Wars, and Adventure Time.

Jayson is a board member with Bay Arts Alliance and enjoys visiting schools to share his love for the arts in his spare time.

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Writer & Editor

Tony Simmons is an award-winning journalist and the author of The Caliban Cycle of novels and other titles including 3 short story collections and a column collection. He teaches creative writing at a local college and studio, and writes and edits for a daily newspaper.

"We are an impossibility in an impossible universe." — Ray Bradbury 

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